Ship Owners

Recruitment of Seafarers

  • Recruitment commences after confirmation of received request (max 2 hrs time)
  • Searching for candidates according to vessel specification, trade and owner instructions
  • Application, Marlins test, Seagull evaluation test (CES 4.1) and interview form are presented to the owner when candidate is proposed
  • An interview with a super-intendent can be organized in our office or via phone
  • Verification of all required documents to comply with STCW 95 once candidate is accepted
  • Health certificate will be verified according to flag state requirements
  • Scanned document can be presented via “Mariners“ DOEHLE I.O.M. or sent via E-Mail
  • We are flexible as to the special Documents required by company can be signed in office (Drug & alcohol policy, Uniform policy).
  • ISM Personal Training Book can be issues (if required).
  • Close contact with seafarer to ensure high returnee rate.
  • Suitable candidates are presented to the owner / management as soon as possible.

Working Gear and Uniform

  • High quality officer uniforms and epaulettes can be supplied
  • Special requirements for working gear can be arranged (company logo, caps, t-shirts…)

Flight and Travel Arrangements

  • Booking flights to and from vessels
  • Guarantee letter will be issued from this office
  • Bus transportation to all European ports can be arranged
  • Seafarers visas can be arranged by our office

Flag State Documents

  • We are filing agents for the following flags: Liberia, Bahamas, Antigua & Barbuda, Cyprus, Marshall Island, Panama
  • Flag state documents can be delivered on board the vessels or as instructed

Financial Arrangements

  • Pay/send home allotments
  • Cash advances

P & I Cases

  • Processing of medical claims with local P & I representative

Port Agency Service

  • We are duly authorized to provide agency services from the vessel’s arrival in port to her departure
  • we can arrange crew assistance (medical, crew change documents, transportation to and from the airport, etc.)