Working for the Döhle Group opens the opportunity to participate in our Incentive Program such as our Premium Scheme which values the long-term relationship of the seafarer with our company and also the amount of contracts a seafarer has worked in the same rank.

We have a Sponsorship Program in place to support the upgrading/ renewal of a license with a company grant for our officers.

If you are eligible you may bring your family on board.

Should you need assistance to bridge a financial gap for example between two contracts, we can discuss if you are eligible for a salary advance.

Via the Döhle Corporate Academy the Döhle Group offers a wide variety of courses without charge to our seafarers such as vessel specific courses (for example TS ECDIS, MAN-ME, Flex and High Voltage Courses), DCA Career Path Courses and DCA Leadership Courses as well as Cargo Loss Prevention Courses or Maintenance and Damage in the Engine Room Prevention Courses.

And there is more.

If you are interested to work in a global shipping company and learn more about us, we invite you to submit your application via or contact us ….

1956 year founded in Hamburg
2,000 employees ashore
30 locations all over the world
4,800 crew members at sea

Thinking About “LAND” Jobs?

We offer jobs in the shipping industry that requires work on land instead of actually on a ship: jobs at shipyard, ports or as riding gang member.

Please send your CV to our office e-mail: